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KWNKRD is one of the leading gold and jewelry companies in the UAE. Its headquarters are located in the Emirate of Dubai and it has gained fame as a pioneer in this field and an expert in distributing and importing raw gold and high-quality jewelry. Our unique heritage, vision, creative intuition, and experience set us apart from other distributors in the industry. We believe that the key to success is our customers’ trust. Therefore, we are constantly trying to improve and improve our services and processes not only through research, but also by creating an environment in which creativity can emerge.


The KWNKRD facility, based in Dubai, is a fully independent gold ore import facility equipped with the latest technology, with dozens of skilled employees dedicated to maintaining our standards of quality and excellence. Thanks to the series


Continuous guidance and inspiration Importing raw gold from African countries. Maintaining a tradition of excellence through continuous investment in raw quality, and continued investment in our employees and services


Inspired by perfection, we constantly strive to perfect our work. We provide raw quality and services in the best possible way


Our philosophy at Concord is to provide our customers with quality product and quality service. We compare ourselves to gold, whose purity and brilliance never cease to shine. This purity is what determines everything we do


Exploration and site assessment

Provide expert geological survey and exploration services to assess potential gold mining sites. This service could include mapping, sampling, and assessing the economic viability of the site.

Mine development and planning

Assist in the development and planning of gold mining operations, including creating mine designs, optimizing production schedules, and determining optimal extraction methods.

Mining equipment rental

Offer a wide range of mining equipment for rent to other mining companies or contractors. This service would include maintenance, transportation, and training on the proper use of the equipment.

Environmental impact assessment

Conduct environmental studies and impact assessments to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and develop appropriate mitigation measures. This service could include monitoring, reporting, and implementing sustainable mining practices.

Gold processing and refining

Provide gold processing and refining services to extract and refine gold ore into doré bars or other forms that are ready for sale or further processing. This service could include crushing, grinding, flotation, cyanidation, and smelting processes.

Mine closure and reclamation

Assist in reclamation of mining sites once the gold reserves have been depleted. This service would involve implementing plans to restore the land and water resources, as well as monitoring on the ongoing reclamation efforts.

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